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Al Cass

Al Cass, Dizzy and Sweets Edison
From left to right:
Dizzy Gillespie, Al Cass and Harry "Sweets" Edison

Players that used Al Cass equipment:

Dizzy Gillespie (2-24A Mostly, though switched to a 2-25A a few times)
Armand Vorce (4 series)
Don Elliott  (not sure what size, just have dimensions in the book)
Louis Armstrong (dizzy backbore and diz tool)
Clark Terry (the Diz model)
Kenny Dorham (custom with Diz backbore)
Booker Little (stock 1-28)
Marion Frazier (custom)
Paul Fishbein (custom)
Don Cherry (Diz cup/custom)
Roy Eldridge (custom, later...Diz tool was used)
Harry James (custom)
Howard McGhee (2-26/2-27)
J.J. Johnson (custom)
Trummy Young (J-1)
Slide Hamton (custom)
Ken Albers (custom)(previous was a Bach 10 1/2 CW)
Bucky Clayton ( X-1 custom)
Doc Cheatham (Diz cup with stock backbore) & 1-28
Emmet Berry (custom with stock backbore)
Sonny Colin (stock piece but which model?)
Joe Newman (2-28)
Snooky Young (Roy's tool/custom)
Thad Jones (1 and 2 series)
Dizzy Reece (various 1 series stock)
Blue Mitchell (stock 1-28)
Grover Mitchell (J-1)
Harry Sweets Edison (Diz cup with Stock backbore)
Red Rodney(1-28/2-28/3x3)
Tony Salvatori ( #5 bass trombone/custom)
Emil Haddad (1 series)
Angelo Pettine (S-1)
Julian Priester (J/custom)
Benny Powell (S-1)
Art Farmer (stock 1-28) Flugel 6
Freddie Hubbard (1-28/1-24/2-24 but settled on the 1-26)
Louie Jasch (1-28 and stock Mellophone)
Curtis Fuller (S1 and bass trombone 3)
Dick Shiutleff (1-28)
Nick Buono (1 series set and 3x3).
Mike Conn (3x4-27 & 3x3)
Rob Turk (3x5A & 2-29)
Nat Atdurbery (custom)
Phillip Guilbean (1-28)
Roy Burrowes (1-28 & 3x2)
Willie Cook 3x3 and 1-28
Chuck Connors (bass trombone #5)
Bernard McKinney Stock J-1
Jesse Drako 3x3
Harry James (custom)
Dizzy Reece (stock with Diz back)
*) Maynard Ferguson (custom 3x6)
Carl Sanders F.H. custom
Dwight Carver? Stock Mellohpone and Alto Horn
John Donnelly 3x4
Some of this info is also in the Player/horn list

*) Maynard Ferguson did not use Al Cass -  According to Steve Cass:
"About 1980, I asked my father why my favorite trumpet players picture, Maynard Ferguson was not on the  wall in his workshop or in his advertisements?" 
and he stated to me: 
"Maynard would use it but he's getting paid too much to use somebody  else's. His entire brass section uses them".
I believe that they told my father how much Maynard was getting and my father understood. He  was thankful he didn't have to pay anyone to use his.


Al Cass in his shop
Al Cass in his shop

Al Cass with band 1936
Al Cass Band 1936 - Al is the trumpet player standing.

Al Cass brochure
Al Cass brochure (click for larger image1)

Al Cass brochure (click for larger image1)

Thanks to Al Cass's son, Steve Cass, for all information and photos!