Maurice André  - Pictures from his last concert in Switzerland
February 5th, 2004 in St. Peter church, Zurich

ticket from concert

A ticket from the concert.
Date: Thursday 5th of February 2004 at 19.30
Price: 75.00 CHF (Swiss Fr.)

Maurice André  - a picture from last concert in Switzerland
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The picture shows Hanspeter Strehler (a Swiss amateur trumpet player) during the intermission of the concert, where André signes an old LP cover. To the right of André, his wife, Liliane (who was born in Switzerland). This photo taken by Maurice's son, Nicolas André.

Strehler got the LP from his father. André was very amused about this old disc. Look at him on the LP front cover, when he was 30 years younger.

LP cover signed by Maurice André
The LP cover that was signed by  Maurice André.

Here, you can see more about that LP,
Maurice André - König der Trompete

Andre & son in last concert
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Maurice André in a duet with his son Nicolas André. Photo by Hanspeter Strehler