J. B. Arban

The structure of the method

The introduction part
English title Frence title Comment
Preface Avant propos "It may seem superfluous to speak in defense of the Cornet to-day..."
* The report Le rapport "The committee of Musical Studies in the Paris Conservatoire, has examined the method ..."
Position of the Mouthpiece  Position de l'embouchure sur les lèvres
Method of Striking the Tone Manière d'attaquer le son
Method of Taking the Breath Manière de respirer
* The Cornet in C  Cornet à piston en Ut
* On the use of the tuning slide Emploi de la coulisse d'accord
On Style Du style, defauts à éviter
Explanations respecting The First Studies Explication sur les première etudes
? The Story of Arban Text only in the Cundy-Bettoney Co.
? Introduction by Herbert Clarke
? Modern Instruments
? Table of Harmonics
? Compass of the Cornet

The studies
English title Frence title Comment/part
First Studies (1-50) 1. First Studies
Syncopes (1-12) 2. Syncopation
Studies on Dotted Eighths followed by Sixteenth Notes (13-18)
Studies on Eighth and Sixteenth Notes (19-27)
Studies in Six/Eighth Time (28-38)
Studies on the Slur (1-68) Etudes sur le coulé  3. Slur
? Studies on Broken Chords, Modulating from Key to Key (69)
Major Scales (1-69) Gammes majeures  4. Scales
Minor Scales  (70-78) Gammes mineures
Chromatic Scales (1-9) Gammes chromatiques  5. Chromatic Scales
Chromatic Triplets  (10-31) Triolets chromatic
Preparatory Studies on the Gruppetto (1-23) Etudes préparatoires sur le gruppetto 6. Grace notes
The Gruppetto  (24-35) Du gruppetto
The Double Appoggiatura (36-43) De la double appogiature 
The Simple Appoggiatura (44-47) De l'appogiature simple 
The Short Appoggiatura  (48-54) De l'appogiature brève
The Portamento (55-59) Du portamento
The Trill (60-80) Du trille
The Mordant (81-88) Du mordant
? Musical Terms (text)
Intervals (1-7) Etudes sur les intervalles 7. Intervals
* The octaves and tenths  (8-12) Des octaves et des dixièmes
Triplets (13-27) Etudes sur les triolets
Studies on Sixteenth Notes (28-47) Etudes en doubles croches 
Perfect Chords, Major and Miner (48-52) De l'accord parfait majeur et mineur 
Chord of the Dominant Seventh (53-54) De l'accord de septième de dominante 
Diminished Chord of the Seventh 55-61) De l'accord de septième diminuée (
Cadences (62) Points d'orgue
Tonguing, Staccato Triplets (1-76) Etudes sur le coup de langue en staccato ternaire 7. Studies on Tonguing
Tonguing in Double Staccato (77-114) Du coup de langue en staccato binaire
The Slur and Double Staccato (115-134) Du coulé dans le staccato binaire
Tonguing as Applied to the Trumpet (135-145) Du coup de langue de trompette 
Sixty Duets (1-61) 8. Duets
The Art of Phrasing (1-144) 9. Phrasing
Characteristic Studies (1-13) 10. Characteristic Studies
Legato Chromatic (14)
Cavatine de Beatrice di Tenda (1) 11. Solos
Fantasie, "Acteon" (2)
Fantasie Brillante (3)
Variations on "Casta Diva" (4)
Variations on Tyrolese Air (5)
Le Petit Suisse, Air Varie (6)
Caprice and Variations (7)
Fantasie, Sur Un Theme Allemand (8)
La Neige, Fantasie (9)
Cavatine and Variations (10)
Variations Sur Un Theme Favori (11)
Variations on Carnival of Venice (12)
*Solo de concert sur l'opera IL CROCIATO de Meyerbeer (13-14)
*Bonheur de se revoir (15)
*Casino Polka (16)
*Souvenir de Kroll (17)
*Le Cornet Polka (18)

This is based on the two edition Cundy-Bettoney Co. - Revised by Herbert L. Clarke (only in english)
and International Music Diffusion (both french and english.)

* = only in International Music Diffusion
? = only in Cundy-Bettoney Co.