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A letter from Matthew Arbuckle

Here is a letter in Arbuckle's hand. He is telling Walter F. Smith not to "come East, Young Man."

Letter by Matthew Arbuckel

New York October 8th 80

Mr Smith

Dear Sir

I cannot teach any
more, every moment of my time is taken up
with the
band and my concert co. [co. = company]

I would not advice you to come to N.Y unless you are able to take
a postion as
Solo Cornet at once. N.Y. is full
of Solo Cornet players, and plenty
of good ones too.
And half of them almost starving, so unless you
are able to take your
place in the front rank. Don't come

M. Arbuckle
Cornet Virtuoso and
Music Director 9th Regt Band
III & 18th St N.Y.