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Arbuckle's Complete Cornet Method

Page one in the book

In spite of what Clarke said in 1931, David Baldwin found a leather bound version of Arbuckle’s Cornet Method.

Why this method is out of print and Arban’s Method is still in use, Baldwin partly gives an answer to:

     “After studying the 83 page volume, I find it mostly of historical interest and of little pedagogical use today.”

A summary of the content:

    5 -15 (11 pages) Rudiments of music
   16 - 44 (37 pages) Lessons (15 lessons)
    47 - 52 (6 pages) Double and triple tonguing, etc
    52 - 72 (21 pages) Etudes
    73 - 83 (11 pages) Solos

About the lessons, Baldwin says that they are inconsistent and not very progressive.

The whole method in PDF format (a large file: 48 MB)