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The Art of the High Baroque

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The Art of the High Baroque
is a newly released CD f
eaturing  Robert J. "Bahb" Civiletti, baroque trumpet, the Belgian Baroque Soloists with conductor Niranjan Wijewickrema.

Jeffrey Nussbaum said the following in a review in
Historic Brass Society, July 2008:

This latest CD by Robert J. "Bahb" Civiletti is nothing short of remarkable. All six compositions on this recording are listed as “world premiere recordings on Baroque trumpet” and an examination of Lowry’s International Trumpet Discography bears out this claim. The works in question are Trumpet Concerto in D by Joseph Riepel (1709-1782), Trumpet Concerto in Eb by Franz Querfurth (fl. Mid-18th century), Trumpet Concerto No. 1 in C, Trumpet Concerto No. 2 in D by Georg von Reutter II (1708-1772), Trumpet Concerto in D by Franz Xaver Richter (1709-1789), and the Trumpet Concerto No. 1 in D by J. Michael Haydn (1737-1806). In some sense these works are like the famous Haydn Trumpet Concerto but on steroids. All are unbelievably virtuosic and demanding. Ed Tarr, in his thoughtful CD program notes states that the Michael Haydn D-major trumpet concerto has the distinction of presenting the "world record" height of sounding A above high C, in bar 41 of the first movement. The Richter concerto ascends to high concert G.

In the excellent program notes, Edward Tarr first discusses the "High Baroque" epoch and the instrument of that time, the baroque trumpet.

In the second part of the program notes we learn that some of these compositions were written for known baroque era virtuosos like Johann Heinisch (1725-1751)  - von Reutter wrote his two concertos for him. Michael Haydn probably had the Salzburg virtuoso J. B. Resenberger (ca 1700 - 1781) in mind.

The concertos by Richter and Haydn can be found on several recordings (with modern trumpets). The other concertos by Riepel, von Reutter and Querfurth are only recorded a few times before (both von Reutter were recorded by Edward Tarr, Riepel by Wolfgang Bauer and Otto Sauter, - Querfurth by Ludwig Güttler and Daniel Ackermann).

In 1966, Maurice Andre recorded the
Richter and Haydn concertos with the Munich Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Hans Stadlmair (on Arkiv Produktion 198 415). That it was demanding for the young Andre, one can celarly hear when he climbs to the the high A in the Haydn concerto. When "Bahb" does the same on this recording, his bit of struggle is in "good company". I don't mind this - it shows that some works are not playable for everyone. I also suspect that the players performing the concertos for the first time in the baroque era had a great challenge with the highest notes.

Bravo to "Bahb" for doing this recording.

Recommended !


Producer and program annotator: Edward H. Tarr
Recording engineer/editor: Paul Pasquier.
Recording date: 10-13 April 2007.
Label: Buccina Cantorum Recordia BCR 3313114.

Order info at: www.tce-studio.com

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