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Robert "Bahb" Civiletti is a baroque trumpet artist. This CD is his second. The first was called "Music og the Italian Baroque" featuring  "Bahb" and his group Buccina Cantorum.

The name "Bahb", is the German version of Robert's nickname Bob. This also explain the title "Bob and Friends" or as they would say in Germany: "Bahb und Freunde". One of his friends is the great German baroque player, Friedmann Immer. Immer can be heard on many recordings of old music, with ensembles like Freiburg Baroque Orchestra, Concentus Musicus of Vienna, Akademie für Alte Musik in Berlin, etc.  On this recording Immer and Civilette play together on most of the tracks. The opening track, Fantini's "Sonata a due Trombe.." is for two trumpets only. Track 8, Antonio Caldera's aria from the oratorio Assalonne is World Premier. It is scored for soprano, 2 trumpets and organ. The soprano is Claudia Immer and Matthias Nagel plays organ.

If Caldera is not heard before, there are many recordings of Telemann's Trumpet Concerto in D Major. Most of these recordings are done with a modern piccolo trumpet. But this work was unlike some other baroque works (like Tartini's violin concerto transcribed for piccolo trumpet)  written for a natural trumpet. It is very refreshing to hear "Bahb" play this on his long valveless baroque trumpet.


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G. P. Telemann: Trumpet Concerto in D - Allegro  (3.8 Mb)

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