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Brass Tactics 

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The original edition of Brass Tactics was written six years ago, primarily as a manual for Chase Sanborn's students. Many thousands of copies have been sold, in well over 40 countries. The sequel, Brass Tactics Companion, has been equally popular.

With this Revised Edition, 
Chase Sanborn has combined and expanded these two books. Virtually every chapter has been re-written and all the material has been reorganized. He has added text and lots of exercises not contained in either of the original books. In my opinion he has also improved greatly as a writer. Trumpet player Chris Kemp has contributed with very funny cartoons. The layout and over all production of the book is first class.

In 1997, when I had an interview with Chase about the first edition of Brass Tactics, I suggested that he should record a CD demonstrating the exercises. The revision has given him the opportunity to do just that. Excellent, Chase!

The Brass Tactics CD presents the exercises as they appear in this new edition, and contains spoken descriptions and playing demonstrations .... and a surprise for the listener, first time he or she playes the CD.

Brass Tactics offers a wealth of information that is available nowhere else. From time to time, I'm
contacted by comeback players. They often ask: "What trumpet book should I get?" 

From now on, my answer is simply: "Get Brass Tactics!"

o.j. 2003