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Music of the Italian Baroque

Buccina Cantorum

The name “Buccina Cantorum” means ”Singing with the Trumpet”. When listening to the CD Music of the Italian Baroque, the word "singing"  is a good description of the feeling you get as a listener.  Robert "Bahb" Civiletti is really a great "singer" on his Baroque trumpet.

In a review in Historic Brass Society Newsletter, Frank Hostica says:

The main body of this recording is an exploration of music for baroque trumpet in varied settings. Included are vocal arias with trumpet, two sonatas, and instrumental duets (Pairing him with no one less than the German baroque trumpet virtuoso Friedemann Immer), all of which are from the Italian Baroque.
Civiletti is in the "top league" on natural or Baroque trumpets, together with Eklund, Immer, Bennett and a few other players. The amazing thing with Bahb Civiletti is that he started to play the natural trumpet only a few years ago. When recording this CD (July 2002) he had been playing this valve-less and difficult instrument for only five years. You can read about how he "found his instrument" in an interview here. Bahb attributes his rapid success on the Baroque trumpet to the Tongue Controlled Embouchure he has developed with Jerome Callet.

The programming of the CD is really nice - with an exiting opening and closing: "Listen to this; here is what a trumpet sounds like!" - Civilette alone on trumpet with a ricercata by the Italian trumpeter Girolamo Fantini (track 1 and 18 - see listing below and sound samples in MP3).

Some of the music on the CD can be found on other recordings, like the Sonata by Viviani (track 11 - 15), but often played on the modern piccolo trumpet. When you hear this version, performed on period instruments, a more complex and exiting sound is presented;  it is almost as if you feel that the sound of a modern piccolo trumpet is rather boring.


Sound samples (MP3):


01. "Undecima ricercata detta J'Albergotti" - Girolamo Fantini
02. "Mio Tesoro per te moro!" - Alessandro Scarlatti
03. "Tromba d'Ausonia" - Mark Antonio Ziani
04. "La Vittoria Segue" - Antonio Caldara
05. "detta deI Niccolini" - Girolamo Fantini
06. "Se Florindo e' fedele" - Alessandro Scarlatti
07. "a due Tromba detta del Ricasoli" - Girolamo Fantini
08. "Tu Io sai" - Giuseppe Torelli
09. "Rompe Spezza" - Alessandro Scarlatti
10. "Gagliarda a dua Tromba detta del Coppoli" - Girolamo Fantini
11. Sonata: Prima per Trombetta sola e Organo - Giovanni Bonaventura Viviani
12. - Andante
13. - Allegro
14. - Allegro
15. - Adagio
16. "Con voce festiva" - Alessandro Scarlatti
17. "Si Suoni la Tromba" - Alessandro Scarlatti
18. "Ricercata duodecima detta L'Amerighi" - Girolamo Fantini

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