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The buzzing book

by James Thompson

In 1995 James Thompson published two books called  Buzzing Basics (vol. 1 and vol. 2).

Now you can get a new version published by Edition BIM. Thompson revised some of the exercises and collected volume 1 and 2 of Buzzing Basics into a single book, The buzzing book. Two CD's are included - one for Bb- and one for C-trumpet.

Thompson plays the exercises on the mouthpiece alone and then on the trumpet accompanied by a synthesizer.

After a track with an exercise (only the first bars) played by Thompson, the synthesizer takes over and play a 4 beat intro (a click track) then continuing by modulating through all 7 valve combinations.

It is good to have an accompaniment giving the pitch and tempo when playing on the mouthpiece alone.  The first group, exercise1 - 4, takes about 20 min.  By then, you are a bit bored by the synthesizer sound.

The book has a progression and Thompson recommend that you do exercise 1 - 4 till you can play them with ease. Only then should you continue to the next group of exercises (covering a larger range).

The book is excellent!
Everyone using mouthpiece buzzing as part of their practice should get it.



Publisher: BIM (www.editions-bim.com)
Price: 20.50 Euro
Included: 2 CD (Trumpet in Bb and C)

o.j. 2003