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The Trumpet Book - by Gabriele Cassone

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Some years ago, the Italian trumpet virtuoso Gabriele Cassone published a book in Italian called La Tromba. Now this book is available in English, translated by Tom Dambly.

Gabriele Cassone is one of the most versatile trumpet soloists of our time. Not only does he perform on a variety of period instruments, including natural trumpet, keyed trumpet, and alto trumpet, he is also a prominent exponent of contemporary music.

Sir John Eliot Gardiner says this:

The author brings together a profound knowledge of the history and technique of the trumpet, as well as the practical experience of a true virtuoso: when anyone hears Gabriele Cassone perform the Second Brandenburg Concerto, they will understand my admiration for this marvelous artist.

The book is divided into 7 chapters:

1: The Trumpet: Physical Characteristics and History
2: The Natural Trumpet 
3: Contemporary Music for Trumpet
4: Instrumental Equipment
5: The Mute
6: Modern Trumpet Technique
7: The Trumpet in Jazz

As can be seen in chapter 6, the book also contains a pedagocial section where these topics are discussed:
The companion CD includes virtuoso performances by Cassone. It is a portrait of the evolution of the trumpet and its repertoire, with recordings of masterworks from the Baroque to Contemporary eras, using five different instruments: natural trumpet, keyed trumpet, alto trumpet in D, cornet, and modern C trumpet.

CD cover
17 tracks, 68 minutes

Alessandro Stradella (1639–1682)
Sinfonia from Il Barcheggio for Baroque trumpet and strings
1. Spiritoso e staccato
2. (Aria)
3. (Canzone)
4. (Aria)

Giovanni Bonaventura Viviani (1638–1692)
Excerpts from Abraham in Egypt
5. Sinfonia
6. Aria: "Se risuona"
7. Aria: "Non avran di me vittoria"

Luca Antonio Predieri (1688–1767)
8. “Pace una volta” from Zenobia

Franz Joseph Haydn (1732–1809)
Concerto for keyed trumpet and orchestra in E-flat major
9. I - Allegro
10. II - Andante cantabile
11. III - Finale: Allegro

Johann Nepomuk Hummel (1788–1837)
Concerto for keyed trumpet and orchestra in E major
12. I - Allegro con spirito
13. II - Andante
14. III - Rondo: Allegro molto

Giuseppe Verdi (1813–1901)
15. Adagio for alto trumpet in D and orchestra

Jean-Baptiste Arban (1825–1889)
16. The Carnival of Venice for cornet à pistons and orchestra

Michele Tadini (*1964)
17. Notturna for C trumpet and live electronics

This book is a must have for all serious trumpet teachers, performers and students!
How to order:
I ordered the book from Amazon

Some facts:

Publisher: Zecchini Editore
Number of pages: 335
Illustrations and musical examples: more than 400 color photos
Release Date: June 2009
Price: $75.00 (on Amazon)
Website: www.thetrumpetbook.com

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