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Chops Express - by Eddie Lewis

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Chops Express
is as it says on the cover a lighter version of the Daily Routines for Trumpet

In the Introduction, Eddie Lewis write: "After more than twenty years of using the original version of Daily Routines in my own practice and with my students, it has become increasingly obvious that a need for a shorter version of the routines exists. While it is true that thousands of trumpet players have benefited from the origianal
Daily Routines book over the past two decades, many users agree that the most common problem with the book is the time it takes to complete the routines."

Since I also have used Eddies first book, I can attest to what he says here - the lack of time to do the complete routines was a problem. You also need time for other type of "Literature" including etudes, lyrical studies, solos, orchestral excerpts, etc.

To get time for "literature" I have used daily routines that only take from 15 - 20 minutes. The two methodes I have used mostly are 20 Minute Warm-Up Routine (including play along CD with Phil Smith) and The Buzzing Book by James Thompson (also including a play along CD). Both these methods are also in my opinion more than a warm up - they are rather daily routines. The Buzzing Book has most in common with Chops Express - you buzz the mouthpiece and then play the exercise on the trumpet. But the Chops Express has some unique features that probably are not found in other methods (excepting Lewis own "Daily Routines for Trumpet").

The book is divided into seven levels of trumpet playing competence:

This book is a must have for all serious trumpet players from the beginner to the virtuose artist!
How to order:
You can order the book directly from
Eddie Lewis' Tiger Music webpage (see link below).

Some facts:

Publisher: Tiger Music
Number of pages: 105
Cover art: Pearl Lewis
Release Date: Autumn 2010
Price: $19.99

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