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Timofei Dokshizer: "Classic Concertos for Trumpet"

CD cover
CD cover (back)

This is a new CD produced by Timofei Dokshizer in 2003. Remastered and distributed by David S. Miller (see order info below).

All concertos are played on a Bb trumpet !

Track listing:

Trumpet Concerto in E flat
1. Allegro con spirito 9:37
2. Andante 4:26
3. Rondo 3:56

Trumpet Concerto in E flat
4. Allegro 5:53
5. Largo 7:14
6. Vivace 5:07

JOSEPH HAYDN (1732 - 1809)
Trumpet Concerto in E-flat, Hob. VIIe:1
7. Allegro 6:21
8. Andante 3:50
9. Allegro 4:24

Total Time:  50'48
Moscow Chamber Orchestra/Rudolf Barshai, conductor [1 - 3]
Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra/Saulius Sondeckis, conductor [4 - 6]
Lyon Chamber Orchestra/Philippe Fournier, conductor [7 - 9]
Recorded 1968 [1 - 3], 1990 [7 - 9], 1996 [4 - 6]
Remastered by David Miller
Cover photo by Algirdo Rakausko
Copyright 2003 Timofei Dokshizer
Sound samples: Liner notes:

Timofei Dokshizer
Classic Concertos for Trumpet

The golden collection of trumpeters' concert repertoire includes three concertos for trumpet by classical composers.  The concertos of Haydn and Hummel were originally written for trumpet and were discovered in library archives in the 20th century.  The concerto of Neruda was originally composed for posthorn and was abandoned by the author.  It was forgotten and found only in the middle of the 20th century in the reserves of a London library.  However, the concerto was totally inappropriate for performing on the trumpet.  But trumpeters are curious people - their repertoire is very poor and it is necessary to seek out quality concert literature.  Therefore, trumpeters used all their effort trying to adapt the concerto of Neruda to their instrument and nowadays there are many known versions of this composition.
Timofei Dokshizer is one of the more recent trumpeters who have made their own version of this concerto.  He expresses a hope that future trumpet players will decide which of these versions will be included into the golden collection of trumpet repertoire. 

Order information:
David S. Miller
Shreveport, LA
email: DavesTrumpet@aol.com

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