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Special Studies for Trumpet - by John Daniel

Book cover

John Daniel is the Professor of Trumpet at Lawrence University, Wisconsin, USA.
His primary teachers were David Greenhoe, Richard Giangiulio and Armando Ghitalla.
He has been a member of North America's finest brass band, the Brass Band of Battle Creek, since 1993.

The book
John Daniel has been working on this book for many years. Finally, in the autumn of 2011 it was published.

The book is divided into 4 levels.
Level 1 material is designed to introduce the techniques specific to each section. Level 2 is intermediate material. Level 3 is advanced and is designed to develop a professional standard of technical competence. Level 4 is for the life long trumpet devotee, and as the book says: "It is designed to create more technique and strength than will normally be required."

Each section contains exercises for a variety of levels of study, from rudimentary to advanced. Most players will benefit from practicing material from more than one level at a time. Even the most advanced players will find great value in the easiest exercises. At the end of the book you will find Practice Routines suggestions for all 4 levels

I have been working with the book for about a month and I am very impressed with the text. The explanations for the different exercises (plus other more general text) are so clear and to the point.


Practice suggestions for Special Studies
Inner mastery/attitude
Commitment to the moment
Food for thought
Relaxation/efficiency strategies
Mouthpiece buzzing studies
Breath articulation Studies
Efficiency studies
Flexibility studies
Strength studies
Articulation studies
Multiple tongue and advanced single tongue studies
Chord studies
Diatonic scale studies
Nondiatonic scale studies
Interval studies
Practice routines for Special Studies

This book is a must have!

Chase Sanborn who has written several trumpet books (see my old interview with him about his first book) said the following:

As I told John, many people have come to me with the idea of writing a method book, but few follow through, particularly after I describe the thousands of hours I've invested as author and self-publisher.

I'm impressed by the amount of time John spent developing his method before committing to print. Special Studies is well thought out and well presented, and sheds new light on an old pursuit. It will make you think about things in a new way and the exercises produce almost immediate results. It's the perfect text to shake out the summer doldrums.

Get it!
How to order:

I ordered the book from John Daniel's website (he takes Credit cards, PayPal, etc)

You can also get the book from Chase Sanborn's website.

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