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Masterclass on DVD for trumpet and other brass

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Bert's Basic Brass

Bert’s Basic Brass is an interactive brass program on DVD.  It is a masterclass given by a well known brass teacher, Bert Truax. Truax teaching is based on his studies with James Stamp. On this DVD, Truax uses the wellknown exercise No. 3 from the James Stamp Warm-ups and Studies.

Truax recommend that you get the complete James Stamp Warm-ups and Studies available through BIM publications (www.editions-bim.com).

Bert Truax has done a very good job with this project and he is a pioneer in using the new DVD medium in brass pedagogy.  I hope he will continue and make more DVDs - perhaps one for more advanced use of James Stamps exercises.

Recommended !


1. Air
2. Embouchure
3. The Mouthpiece
4. Articulation
5. Technique and the Ear


Label: Bert Truax
Running Time: 34:00
Catalog Number: 9138181972
Format: DVD
Number of Discs: 1
US Release Date: 2002

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I ordered this DVD from www.berttruax.com

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