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Fides Instruments

Olaf testing a Fides trumpet
Olaf testing a Fides Bb Symphony trumpet.

Francisco Montesinos Fides is living in Valencia, Spain.

We visited his shop on the 21th of November 2008. The shop is only 5 minutes drive from Honiba (the Stomvi Factory), where Francisco used to work before he started his own business.

Francisco is running the
the company Music Development (Fides Instruments) together with trumpeter and instrument maker Matthias Beck. All the production are in Dettingen, Germany. 
Click on the production link to see photos from the workshop!)

Instrument line:

Fides Beck, the Masterpiece-Series is custom-made in the workshop of Matthias Beck. (Piccolo-Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Trumpets in Bb and C)

Fides Symphony, the Professional Series is developed and designed by Matthias Beck. Parts of the instruments are made in the workshop in Dettingen. Assembled in a factory in Taiwan. (Trumpets in C and Bb)

Fides Pioneer, the high-level Student-Series. (Trumpets in C and Bb, Cornets, Pocket-Trumpets)

Fides Primera / Allegro, Student-Series is developed and designed by Matthias Beck. (Trumpets in C and Bb)

Fides Primera, Student Series.

On a DVD about instrument making that Francisco showed us, we could also see hunting horns (long natural horns with no valves). These horns are also produced at the factory in Dettingen.

Piccolo bell mede of wood
Fides piccolo trumpet bell made of wood

Artists using Fides trumpets:
The young and very talented Spanish trumpeter Ruben Simeo uses Fides trumpets.  Another well known trumpet promoting Fides is Luis Aquino.

Testing instruments:
The three of us tested several trumpets, a flugelhorn and a trombone. The trombone was excellent, and the trumpets were also very good. The flugel had a nice, round sound.

Very nice prices (lower than many competitors instruments).


myspace/fidesinstruments (photos, videos, etc.)

November 2008 - Olaf, Rune and O.J.