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Arnold Jacobs: Portrait of an Artist

I just received a great CD the other day, "Portrait of an Artist" - Arnold Jacobs, the master teacher and legendary tuba with Chicago Symphony Orchestra (CSO).
Tuba, some of you say - that is of little interest to a trumpet player. Wait, there are a lot of interesting things on this CD for a trumpet player! On a photo in the CD cover one can see Jacobs in a masterclass listening closely to a trumpet player.

This CD is about Arnold Jacobs, the master teacher but also about the player who played in maybe the greatest brass section ever, the CSO, with its two "pillars", Bud Herseth on one end and "Jake" on the other. Between those two, some other great players, Vincent Cichowicz, Dale Clevenger, Jay Friedman and others.

You get to hear the CSO Brass Ensemble playing Gabrieli: Canzon per sonare no. 2 and Bozza: Sonatine for brass quintet - an unbelievable performance. In the Sonatine one can also hear how good 2. trumpet Cichowicz is - how closely he matches Bud Herseth. The opening track on the CD, Buxtehude: Fanfare is also with the whole brass ensemble.

There are several tracks with solo material:
Strauss: Horn Concerto No. 1 in E-flat (played on a tuba!)
Monti: Czardas (with an impressive speed for a tuba)
Clarke: Carnival of Venice
Vaughan Williams: Concerto for Bass Tuba (1st movement)
Gugel/Pottag: Etude No. 24

From the CSO commercial recordings som symphony highlights for brass:
Belioz: Opening Recitative from "Romeo and Juliet", Giulini
Bartok: Concerto for Orchestra (brass chorale), Reiner
Stravinsky: Petrouchka (tuba solo), Levine
Nielsen: Sym. 4 (1st movement excerpt), Martinon
Buckner: Sym. 4 (1st movement excerpt), Barenboam
Mussorgsky: Great Gate (finale), Reiner

Between these music samples you can hear Jacobs talking in private studio sessions, interviews and in master classes.
Gene Pokorny says the following on the CD-cover:
"Practically every sentence he speaks, or phrase he plays is thought provoking [Your "pause" button had better be working]"

Highly recommended!

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