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The Trumpeter-Pocketbook

The Trumpeter-Pocketbook (Das Trumpeter-Taschenbuch), by Friedel Keim started as a small book project about "High-Note Artists" (Cat Anderson, Maynard Ferguson, Arturo Sandoval, etc.).
Later, this grew into the 425 page book published in 1999 by Schott.

This first edition is only in German. It has been a succes in the german speaking market, selling more than 3000 copies. It containes short biographies of more than 600 trumpet players. This part of the book is divided into 3 sections, Classic, Jazz and Pop trumpet players. There is a chapter about the secret of the "High-Note Artists".

The first chapter is about the trumpet, how it is constructed, it's history, etc. (Die Definition der Trompete).

In the appendix there are two indexes: A person index and a special word index. This makes it very handy for looking up a player or a subject related to trumpet.

According to Friedel Keim, an enhanced second edition is planned to be published in English, titled: The New  Trumpeter-Pocketbook.

If you understand a bit of German, you should get this book. It will help you understand more of the German language, but above all it is a great resource about the trumpet and trumpet players. Edward Tarr says: "In it you find information, not found elsewhere."


Pages: 425
Publisher: Schott Music International, Mainz. (1999)
ISBN: 3-254-08377-6
Price: 15.29 euros

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