Keyed Trumpet in Eb
Keyed trumpet

Built by Herb Ordelheide

Gerald Endsley says the following (email May 21 & May 30, 2005):
"I still have the instrument. A friend and I made it out of existing parts while following as closely as possible, specifications of the keyed trumpet at the Stearns Collection of Musical Instruments, The University of Michigan.

It has five keys which are operated by the left hand. I used to play the slow movement of the Haydn as part of a historical recital where I also played natural trumpet, zink and cornet.

I believe Dave (David Hickman) used if for a recital, as part of his Masters Degree.  The maker was Herb Ordelheide. He may have also made one for Dave later, I'm not sure. It is from around 1969-71. The other picture is of an instrument  made a few years later by Robert Hoole and myself.

I subsequently made a couple more which were sold but I have not been active in that area since."

Gerald Endsley