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Masterclass with Hardenberger

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Masterclass for trumpet
In 2008, Håkan Hardenberger gave a masterclass at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester that was recorded. It is now out on DVD.

Hardenberger is not only one of the greatest trumpet soloist today, he is also a master teacher.

Since the three students are on different levels, Hardenberger also delve into more basic techniques with some of them. He demonstrates how not to fight the instrument by pushing and forcing the air, but by playing in the centre of the pitch. He uses analogies from golf (how to hit the ball and let go) - by doing this he gets the student to play more effortless. The playing suddenly gets easy and the sound opens up.

In this masterclass Hardenberger works with the students on three different key pieces from the 20th century (see below). Any serious trumpet student working on music from this period, should get this DVD.

A clip from the DVD has been put out on YouTube, so you can see for yourself how masterly Hardenberger works with the students.

Absolutely recommended!


1. Bohuslav Martinu: Sonatine for Trumpet and Piano  (Student: Elizabeth Fitzpatrick)

2. Hans Werner Henze: Sonatine for Trumpet Solo (Student: Matthew Palmer)

3. Georges Enesco: Legende (Student: Nicholas Wright)

Piano accompanist: Jonathan Scott

Label: The Masterclass Media Foundation (MMF 016)
Running Time: 2 hrs. 14 min.
Region: All
Format: DVD9

I ordered this DVD online from The Masterclass Media Foundation

o.j. 2008