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Concert Studies for Trumpet

Written for and performed by Philip Smith

This is really what the title says: Concert Studies for Trumpet. They can be used in recitals and concerts. For ambitious trumpet students they are a great resource. You can listen to Phil Smiths interpretation and great sound, try to imitate it, and when you "own" the music, you can use it in a performance. These studies are best suited for the intermediate to the advanced player. The range is from low F# to high D. Some pieces are slow and meditative and others are fast with double and triple tonguing. Some of the composers have worked with Phil Smith for a long time, like Joseph Turrin. The composers are (in alphabetical order): James Barnes, Stephen Bulla, Douglas Court, James Curnow, James Hosay, Timothy Johnson, Kevin Norbury, Philip Sparke, Joseph Turrin and Allen Vizzutti.

As already said, these are great studies that you can use in different concert settings. But you can also, as Phil Smith says in the introduction: HAVE FUN!

I ordered the book from Hickey's Music Online. They take credit cards.

31 pages
16 etudes (grade 3 -  6)
Curnow Music Press, Inc. (2001)
ISBN: 90-431-1269-0
Price: $17.95
CD produced by Philip Smith and James Curnow