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Timofei Dokshizer: Romatic Pictures

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Etudes for Trumpet

Author's Note

Originally, the Romantic Pictures etudes were intended for select and well-trained professional musicians. This present second edition is intended for a wider range of performers including students.  The materials of each etude in this version are abridged while retaining the original technical challenges of the first edition. This makes Romantic Pictures attractive for performers and helpful for their creative evolution.

Timofei Dokshizer wanted to make his original Romantic Pictures more accessible to a wider range of trumpet players, from students to professionals. He found many people had difficulty with the original version being too challenging. In his revised version, all twenty etudes from the original are presented but they have been condensed somewhat. 

They are still challenging though!

Music example (picture/sound):
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Recording on CD.
Dokshizer recorded the original version of these etudes, called Images Romantique

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