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No Limit / Sergei Nakariakov

A dilemma for classical trumpet soloists like Timofei Dokshizer and Maurice André is the limited solo trumpet repertory. Both have used music for violin and other instruments like oboe, song and even piano. George Gershwin Rhapsody in Blue, transcribed and recorded by Dokshizer, is one example of the latter.

Like André and Dokshizer, Nakariakov is also a musician that loves the good melody.

On his first CD from 1995, Carmen Fantasy, Nakariakov plays violin pieces by Paganini, Sarasate, Tchaikovsky and Waxman (the Carmen Fantasy for Violin and Piano). The standard repertory like the Haydn trumpet concerto and works from the baroque era was recorded on his next CD's.

With this CD, recorded July 2000, Nakariakov is back to violin music again, but on most of the tracks he performs music written for the cello. On the Carmen Fantasy he used flugelhorn when he played from the Carnival of the animals by Camille Saint-Saëns, No 13, The swan. With the Rococo theme by Tchaikovsky, Nakariakov extends the range of the flugelhorn by using so called "pedal notes". This makes it possible to reach the lowest notes of the cello. It is done with such remarkable ease and the sound is so impressive - it really gives meaning to the CD title: No Limit.

When comparing Carmen Fantasy and No Limit one can hear that Nakariakov has matured as a musician. The most striking thing with the Carmen Fantasy was his incredible virtuosity. On No Limit the playing is more "soulful" and the tone has more of the singing quality one can hear in Dokshizer playing.

Highly recommended!

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Conductor: Vladimir Ashkenazy
Ensemble: Philharmonia Orchestra
Label: Teldec - #80651 (July - 2000)
Playing Time: 61' 39"

1. Saint-Saëns: Introduction and Rondo capriccioso for Violin and Orchestra in A minor, Opus 28
2. Tchaikovsky: Quartet for Strings no 1 in D major, Opus 11: 2nd movement, Andante cantabile
3. - 11. Tchaikovsky: Variations for Cello and Orchestra on a Rococo theme, Opus 33
12. Bruch; Canzone for Cello and Orchestra in B flat major, Opus 55
13. Massenet:  Meditation from Thaïs
14. Gershwin: Rhapsody in Blue

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