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Stomvi trumpets

Honorato jr, Olaf and Rune
Sento Honorato showing Olaf and Rune the making of a two-piece bell.

The Honiba Company was founded in 1985 by Vicente Honorato. They are manufacturing and selling Stomvi brass instruments. The Honiba factory is in the Xirivella suburb of Valencia, Spain. They moved into this building a year ago.

We visited Honiba on the 21th of November 2008 and were greeted by Sento Honorato, the son of
Vicente Honorato. First Sento took us on a very interesting tour through the whole factory. We were allowed to take photos and he and other workers answered all our questions. Honiba makes all parts themselves, including bags and cases. The only thing they didn't make was valve springs, which came in two weights, normal and light. For valve pistons they used both stainless steel and monel - steel for student's models and monel for the pro lines (because the customers preferred it?)

The machinery was modern with lots of NC's and hydraulics. Assembly was done manually by skilled craftsmen (actually most of their workers are educated goldsmiths).

At a total they were 27 people, 5 in the administration and 22 in production. Honiba produces around 1800 instruments per year.

Stomvi mouthpieces
The mouthpiece set

As we said, Stomvi produces everything - including 3 lines of mouthpieces. They have a standard line of one-piece mouthpieces, a line of two-pieces (with a screw-rim) and a three-part line (see photo above). The 3-part consists of 10 different parts, a trumpet and a cornet or flugelhorn backbore, a screw rim and 7 different cups ranging from a large flugel/cornet cup (conical in shape) and 6 trumpet cups, numbered from A (the largest or deepest cup) to F (the shallowest cup). The price for this set was very good (only about 160 Euros - factory price).

They used their own numbering system, so you need a comparison chart.

Promoting instruments:
After the factory tour, Sento showed us a display room that also was the rehearsal room for the famous brass quintet Spanish Brass Luur Metals. The quintet is involved in the development of Stomvi instruments (testing, etc.) and using and promoting them.

Until now it has only been trumpets, but soon trombones and French horns will also be part of the Stomvi instrument line (presented for the market at the Musikmesse, Frankfurt am Main, 1 - 4 April 2009).

Testing trumpets:
Testing trumpets at Stomvi
The instrument try out room.

We were also allowed to try their different horns, and Sento collected a series of trumpets, from the Forte model in the student line to the top line Mahler Piccolo and the Master Titanium Bb trumpet.

Interesting for all of us was that the student line Forte was very good. This means that the production quality is taken care of in a very professional manner for all the instruments. All models we tried had very good intonation and an excellent finish.

Their Mahler top line piccolo trumpet is made famous by Maurice André, and is of course top class - great intonation, great sound.
(By the way, Stomvi makes piccolo trumpets for Bach these days!)

The whole Stomvi trumpet line is absolutely recommendable!



As of today  - there is no local dealer in Norway. Hopefully Honiba will do something about this soon - after all there are a lot of brass players in Norway.

November 2008 - Olaf, Rune and O.J.