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The Trumpet - by Edward Tarr

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The Trumpet
is finally available again in English - in a revised and enlarged edition!

For many years people from all over the world have tried to get a copy of the first english edition of The Trumpet. On Internet a copy has turned up a few times, but the prise asked was astronomical.

Thanks to David Hickman and his publishing company, Hickman Music Edition, this wonderful and important text is now  available in soft and hard covers in an updated and enlarged version.

Dr. Edward Tarr is the world's leading authority on the history of the trumpet and its repertoire. The first edition was published in 1977 in German and called Die Trompete (Hallwag AG, Bern). In 1988 it was translated into English by S. E. Plank and Edward Tarr.
When Tarr celebrated his 70th birthday in 2006, Schott publised a new edition of the German version, Die Trompete.

There are 8 chapters in the book. It opens with an introduction, discussing how to define a trumpet, what the sound and function of the trumpet is, description of the natural trumpet and its harmonic series and the valve trumpet and its harmonic series.

Chapter 6 (p. 60 - 90), The Golden Age of the Natural Trumpet (1600 - 1750)  and  chapter 8 (p. 102 - 149), The Modern Epoch of the Trumpet: From 1815 to Today, are the largest parts of the book.

Chapter 1 to 5 about the early history is shorter due to the obvious lack of historic sources.
It begins with the origins and uses of the trumpet in in different parts of the world (New Guinea, Australia, Egypt, Israel and Africa). Tarr then traces the evolution of the instrument through Greece, ancient Rome and all of Europe.

Chapter 7, The Trumpet in an Era of Decline (1750 - 1850) is a time "of crisis for the trumpet" but also when the new inventions of the keyed trumpet and the valved cornet and trumpet came.

Chapter 8 is where most of the new and updated information can be found.
Here, Tarr discusses the trumpet's role as an orchestral instrument during the nineteenth century, the rise and fall in popularity of the cornet, and the modern epoch of the trumpet since 1900. Tarr uses very recent research - one example is a study of the trumpet as a solo instrument since 1900 by Verena Jacobsen Barth (Gothenburg University, 2007).

This thoroughly revised edition also details the rebirth of the natural trumpet (and even the keyed trumpet) and lists many current instrument makers and performers of the instrument.

A discussion of many of today's most influential and successful trumpet performers can be found, including such prominent classical soloists as Adolf Scherbaum, Maurice Andre, Reinhold Friedrich, Håkan Hardenberger, Rafael Mendez, and Timofei Dokshizer. Orchestral performers such as Adolph Herseth, William Vaechiano, Roger Voisin and Thomas Stevens, and jazz trumpeters such as Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis, Wynton Marsalis, Cat Anderson, and Maynard Ferguson are also in this new edition.

Three afterwords about
the different editons and the translation, a biography section and an index concludes the book.

This book is a must have for all serious trumpet teachers, performers and students!
How to order:
You can order the book directly from
Hickman Music Editions webpage (see link below).

Some facts:

Publisher: Hickman Music Edition
Number of pages: 176
Photographs: 37, including 8 in color
Illustrations and musical examples: 57
Release Date: January 2009
Prices: Soft cover - $35.00 / Hard cover - $49.00 (limited number, include autograph by E. Tarr)

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