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Trumpet Tunes,
John Thyhsen, 1997, Music Express
Building Self-Confidence Through Melodic Playing.

This is, as the title says, a book with Trumpet Tunes. It is not an etude book a'la Concone and others or a method book. It is mostly a book on slotting and singing... placement of notes and moving the air along with the corresponding aperture and embouchure setting.

The book is 29 pages and there are 101 tunes. On the first page is some text and in addition there are some small comments like: "Tongue lightly - Haydn like", "Listen for pitch before executing", "Full Sound", "Play full - Very expressive", "In one breath", etc.

This book is in my opinion an excellent supplement to etude books, like Charlier, Concone etc. It can be used both by trumpet students, comeback players and by professional players.

You just play it when you want to play something fairly easy and will re-enforce your good playing habits.

Thyhsen has a very nice motto for this book "Music is love and love is music".

A qoute from the first page, Notes From The Author:
"Melodies are meant to encourage and challenge the player through relaxed and controlled conditions While the melodies might look easy, they are meant to be played slowly and under control (even those that have 16th's and 32nd's)."

O.J. 1999