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by John Thyhsen


John Thyhsen has a unique music book project with the motto: "Building Self-Confidence Through Melodic Playing".

He has written 3 books in this series, one in 1999 called Trumpet Tunes, and two in 2002, Odd Meter Tunes and Latin Tunes.

These books are in my opinion excellent supplement to traditional etude books, like Charlier, Concone etc. Most players probably dont want to waste the time with short tunes like this. But, I believe these type of tunes help to settle the player and get the player in a place where he/she can play easy again and get out of the high note,pressing, pushing, tensing playing mode.

More info about the books:

About John:
John Thyhsen is a graduate of the Eastman School of Music. He is currently principle trumpet with the Philly Pops, Philadelphia Opera Company, and has served as a substitute with the Philadelphia Orchestra. He has recorded with the Philadelphia Orchestra, Rochester Philharmonic, Eastman Wind Ensemble, Philly Pops and the Chestnut Brass Quintet.

He is professor emeritus of Trumpet at Rowan University where he founded, and has directed the Jazz Studies Program for twenty-six years.

John has over twenty commissioned trumpet pieces (jazz and classical) written for him.

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