Odd Meter Tunes

by John Thyhsen

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Notes from the Author
The tunes are meant to introduce players to the following:

Odd Rhythms
Melodic Style
All tunes can be played at any tempo in accordance with the players ability to handle the pitches and rhythm. The odd pieces are meant to break the monotony of the traditional tunes. All Tunes can be used for transposition purposes. All tunes are played in a relaxed easy style to support a melodic approach to playing on the trumpet. In some tunes, you can play the melodies one octave higher than written.

All of these melodies will become more effective after:

1. The Player has been informed about a good embouchure set-up
2. The control of breath, fingers, embouchure muscles, mouth cavity and air projection has taken place
Good response. Pleasing sound improved ensemble performance. Better student/teacher relationship Increased self-respect. Greater concern for musical expression. More fun playing

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