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Roger Delmotte

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Roger Delmotte was born on September 20, 1925 in Roubaix, France.

Roger Delmotte started playing flugelhorn in a French wind band.
His first trumpet study was with Maurice Leclerq at the Roubaix Conservatory. When he finished at Roubaix in 1944, he was honnored with "Prix d'honneur".

In 1944, he continued his studies at the Paris Conservatory with Eugene Foveau. In 1946 he got "Premier Prix de Trompette".

In 1950, Delmotte competed in the Second Geneva International Competition and was the first trumpet player to win the first prize.

Solo trumpet at the Paris Opera (1950 - 1985)

Trumpet soloist with many orchestras (France, Germany, Austria, Japan and Yugoslavia)

Trumpet professor at the Music School of Versailles (1951 - 1994)
Trumpet professor at the National Conservatory of Paris (assistant to Raymond Sabarich, then professor from 1966)


Doyen of the French Classical Trumpet

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