Reinhold Friedrich had several nice ensemble pieces with him, but there were too few players to play some of it (for 8 players or with trombone). Only 3 trumpet quartets were rehearsed and performed at the concert. These 3 pieces were nice and kind of "easy listening" - good for lot of occations!

1. Trumpet quartet
(Reidar, Odd, Tone and Hanna)

V. Brandt: "Country Pictures"

1. In the Church
2. Under a Lime-tree
3. At the Feast
comments: 2. Trumpet quartet
(Reidar, Tone, Hanna and Roar)

Carl Busch: "Evening Promenade"


3. Trumpet quartet
(Camilla, Roar, Tone and Odd)

G. Enescu: "Au Soir"