The opening of the seminar.

Reinhold Friedrich opened the 4 days seminar with playing a small lyrical piece for trumpet and piano by Sofia Gubaidulina called “Lied Ohne Worthe”. He was accompanied on piano by Bjørn Strandvold.

Then he told shortly about his background as a trumpet player:

“I started 7 years old. I wanted to play the trumpet part in the Brandenburg Concerto no 2. I had heard it on the radio performed by Walter Gleissle.
My first teacher was Heinz Burum.
My next was Edward Tarr. He is the most influential. From contemporary to old music.
Then at the Paris Conservatory with Pierre Thibaud.
Then I played with Frankfurt Radio Orchestra as principal. Resigned ½ year ago to start my solo career and as a teacher.
Now I have 12 students at Frankfurt Hochschule für Musik. Most students from Germany, but also from other part of the world,  Belgium, Japan.
I also have been working with the group H.R Brass for a long time.”