Pictures from the seminar with Reinhold Friedrich

Here are some pictures taken at the seminar. If you click on the image, you will see a bigger one behind.

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From the opening.

Reinhold opened with small piece for piano 
and trumpet by Sofia Gubaidulina:
"Lied Ohne Worthe".

A breathing exercise.

First you have to expell all air...

Another breathing exercise..

Breath out through the mouthpipe, first on
10, then on 9, then 8 beat, etc..

Buzzing on the mouthpiece.

How to hold the mouthpiece.

From the masteclass.

Odd Nielsen is playing. Reinhold was impressed.

From the masteclass

Bjørn Strandvold on piano and
Arne Kollandsrud on trumpet playing Boehme's
Concert in F.


Odd, Hanne, Tone and Reidar.


Odd and Reinhold listening.

Warmup on the moutpiece.

All doing some Stamp patterns

"The Basic Caruso"

Reinhold's friend Markus Stockhausen was a
student of Caruse. Here, number one, the "Sixnotes"