Info about the Roger Voisin recording:

I am holding in my hand RCA Victor record album LM-2182, RCA Victor Red Seal album of J.S.Bach Brandenburg Concertos Nos. 1, 2, and 3
with the Boston Symphony, Charles Munch conductor.

The album notes by Alfred Frankenstein, music and art editor of the San Francisco Chronicle are dated RCA, 1958 and reference the BSO recording.

Soloists on the recording are:
James Stagliano and Harry Sharpiro, horns,
Ralph Gomberg, oboe,
Richard Burgin, violin,
Roger Voisin,trumpet,
Doriot Anthony Dwyer, flute.

With regard to the second concerto, here are the notes:
"The second concerto employs a concertino of flute, oboe, violin and trumpet, and a ripieno of strings.
The trumpet, as always in Bach, is extremely high and as agile as the flute.
The Bach trumpet and the technique for playing it were lost for many years, but recently they have been revived, and they are employed here.
The trumpet and the ripieno drop out in the second movement, which is a canon for the solo flute, oboe and violin over the harpsichord bass.
But all the forces are restored for the final fugue."

Voisin's performance as you would expect is brilliant, a bit brittle, but played with great confidence and accuracy.
This must be one of the earliest recordings in stereo, although my copy is in mono.
The cover has a bust of Bach with a violin pictured,also wooden flute and what looks like a recorder.
It is in green ,brown, and orange with Bach's bust in white. Movement one is on side one, with movement two and three on side two (concerto # 2)

(Thanks to Ted Haines for this!)