J.S. Bach - List of works where trumpets are used.

This list includes work for trumpet (Tromba) and slide trumpet (Tromba da tirarsi) and Cornetto.
There are 5 works with Tromba da tirarsi and 12 (or 13) works where Cornetto are used.

The titles with links will show a list of recordings.

1. Musica Rara edition of Bach's Complete Trumpet Repertoire, the compiler Ludwig Güttler notes that:
"For predominantly practical reasons BWV 15 ( this cantata was not composed by J.S.Bach but by his cousin Johann Ludwig Bach) and the chorus by G. Ph. Telemann "So du mit deinem Munde" from BWV 145 have been included in this edition: also the horn parts in BWV 105 and 109 which are more or less unplayable on that instrument".

2.  Güttler  says: "In BWV 105 No. 1 the autographed cantata title seems to read not "Corno" but "Cornio=Cornettino=cornet", particularly as this part is written in unison with the oboe."

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