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Herbert L. Clarke: Technical Studies

This is a resource page about H. L. Clarke's Technical Studies. Besides the Arban book, it is the most used  trumpet study in the world. If Arban is the "bible", then Clarke is the "new testament"!

A lot of beginners do not understand how to use the book effectively. Some even think it is only about finger dexterity.

Herbert Lincoln Clarke (1867 - 1945) was a self-taught cornetist. You can read about his struggle towards perfection in his autobiography How I became a cornetist.

Since the Technical Studies book was published, several teachers and artists have given their hints and tips about how to use the different exercises.

In the Introduction Clarke says: "All the exercises in this book are playable, and not very difficult, if practised slowly at first and not for too long a time. I have used them in my daily practice for years and they have been the means of my reaching the highest notes after playing a two hour concert and also of preserving my lips so that they never tire.

The first who wrote about the book was Frank Simon who played with Clarke in the Sousa band.

One of  Clarke's greatest students, Claude Gordon has used these exercises as a very important part of his teaching. In several books by Gordon one can find tips and advices.

Other players/teachers who have used these studies are:

Here is an image of an older version of the book. It was first published in 1912 by Carl Fischer Inc.

We also welcome teachers and players who have comments and tips!

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