Bill Adam - from his daily maintenance routine.

Bill Adam and Mark Minasian

Bill Adam is considered by many professional trumpet players to be one of the premier trumpet pedagogues of this century.
Here is how he had his student use H.L. Clarke (at least Minasians version of it):

CHROMATICS (Clarke's Technical Studies, First Study)
Start with exercise 13 and expand into the higher and lower registers. The pattern is 13, 12, 14, 11, 15, 10, etc. Play the exercises at mf to f and repeat as many times as comfortable.

REST after each exercise.

Don't extend any of these exercises to the point where you are running out of air and tension creeps into your chest. If you are a developing trumpet player, do not play so high that you have to strain for the notes.

Always play with the most beautiful, full tone possible.

To again quote Bill Adam, "Any time we play Herbert L. Clarke exercises, it's a good idea to think of the acceleration of the air.

Play the first note with a fermata, accelerate the air through the trumpet, and when you start to use the valves, continue to accelerate the air so the tone stays free.

Go slow enough so the notes themselves are being blown and so that there is no muscle restriction that will diminish the sound: keep the sound good and full!"


Thanks to Bill Adam student Mark Minasian !

The text above is a quote from: Bill Adam's daily maintenance routine.

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