Håkan Hardenberger "fingering" an H. L. Clarke exercise

Trumpet artist Håkan Hardenberger used Clarke 2 in an unusual and interesting way. This photo taken at a seminar hosted by NTF, at The Norwegian State Academy of Music, in Oslo, Norway, the 24th and 25th of March 2001 shows Hanne blowing and Håkan "working" the fingers.

The technique he used here demonstrates both the "flow" and how to keep the hand "separated" from the other actions when playing.

When a student was having trouble with air support or was not blowing "straight", but "up and down" and using too much lip movement, this way of playing Clarke would immediately show what was wrong. After just a couple of retries, the student was able to play the exercise while Håkan (the teacher) "played the valves".

Håkan would also blow and have the student "finger" the exercise. This would reveal if the student had properly mastered the finger pattern of the exercise.

Practical use:
Use this idea first with a fellow student or with your teacher. Then as a "mind game" where you pretend to be the other person doing the finger work.


o.j. 2001