This work has been especially written to enable the cornet student how; through proper practice and application, any obstacles which may occur in musical passages written for his instrument, may be overcome.

By playing the exercises contained in this book in one breath, according to instructions, the student will acquire endurance without strain or injury. The muscles which control the lips must be trained until they are elastic and strong, and always remembering that only a slight pressure and not brute force is necessary to produce a tone.

It will be found possible to play the highest, as well as the lowest note in these exercises with equal tone quality, if they are practised according to the instructions that precede each study. All the exercises in this book are playable, and not very difficult, if practised slowly at first and not for too long a time. I have used them in my daily practice for years and they have been the means of my reaching the highest notes after playing a two hour concert and also of preserving my lips so that they never tire. What has been a help to me should surely be of benefit to other cornet players.

One cannot expect to attain the highest point of excellence without hard work and perseverance. Never be perfectly satisfied with yourself. Try to improve to some extent each day and to experience that satisfying pleasure in having conquered what at first seemed an impossibility.

Correct the least mistake you make immediately. Bad habits are easily formed and difficult to remedy.

To become an expert on the cornet, one should familiarize himself with as much material for this instrument as possible. In this way a substantial musical background is assimilated and much information and knowledge is gained.

There are few celebrated cornet soloists, although thousands play the instrument. Most players practice incorrectly and by neglecting the elementary work, lose many of the benefits to be gained.

The third book of this series is devoted to characteristic studies of every description. While slightly more difficult, the melodious element has not been overlooked and the entire material has been graded with the same care as the contents of this Second Series.