Email from Timofei Dokshizer in 2003

Date: Wed, 5 Feb 2003 20:34:14 GMT
Subject: Re:"Double High C in 37 Weeks"?

  Dear Ole
  The answer at the question I can not give to You , because I had not never said in my books and lectures this   silly ideas .

                                                   T. Dokshizer

February 2003, I sent an email to Timofei Dokshizer. The reason was that someone on an Internet forum claimed that Dokshizer had used a method called, "Double High C in 37 Weeks". I did not believe this and I decided to contact him and ask if this was true.

In 2003, Dokshizer was living in Lithuania, in the capital Vilnius. From a contact in USA, David Miller, I learned that Dokshizer had access to a computer and that he had an email account. So, instead of writing a regular letter, I decided to write him an email (see below).

The next day, to my surprise, I received an answer from him (see above). Of course he had never been using such "silly" (as he called it) methods!

As one can see, he was not fluent in english. Still he had taken the time to answer me, a total stranger to him, in english. I really treasure this and have decided to share this little story with others.

I also believe it can be a lesson to those who make similar claims about Dokshizer.
In his autobiography, The Memoirs of Timofei Dokshizer, he tell about an episode from USA in the 1970-ies, where another person claimed that Dokshizer endorsed this persons "high note method". Which he did not!

My email to Dokshizer:
Date: 04.02.2003 14:22
Subject: "Double High C in 37 Weeks"?

Dear Mr. Dokshizer,

I got your email address from David Miller.

I want to ask you a simple question:
Someone in USA says that you told them (in the 1970) that
you used the method "Double High C in 37 Weeks"?

Is it true?

I have your great books, "Trumpet Method" and
"The Memoirs of Timofei Dokshizer".
I cannot find any trace of this method in your books .

When Bud Herseth was in Norway in 1977, he warned
against that book. "There is no music in it"!
To only play from that book every other day for 37 weeks
was in his opinion stupid. I agree.

I'm a board member of the Norwegian Trumpet Forum.
Odd Lund is still chairman. I suppose you remember him
from your visit to Norway?

I also have a little webpage about you:

Kindest regards from Norway,