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James L. Klages: Routines and Techniques

Little here is original with me. The sequence and structure are mine. I do not advocate anything other than what is said by competent trumpet teachers. Supplement this with materials from Arban and other standard works. Create and discover your own routines which teach you what you need. Technique is never an end in itself- it is just a series of tools which you have to produce the music which you want to play- with efficiency and consistency.

James L. Klages 1999

1. Always be careful to use good full tone. Make the room "ring" with your sound.

2. Rest as much as you play.

3. You donít have to play everything here every day, but touch on the skills used every day.

4. Always be sure to play music every day.

5. Play these with the music and by memory.

6. For the lip slurs use the sequence of fingers- 0, 2, 1, 12, 23, 13, 123 . . .

7. Donít be hung up about lip pressure, but always use less, rather than more.

8. Keep the embouchure as stable as possible at all times.

9. Take a full, slow, breath - in rhythm before playing.

10. In the sequence of studies staring at (measure 148), use the fingering pattern (0, 2, 1, 12, 23, 13, 123.)