This exercise is for developing the attack, but also the different articulations used in double and triple tounging. It is based on an exercise from the book Brass Tactics by Chase Sandborn, and from a seminar held by Konradin Groth (also see his book "Etüden neue Zungenstoss- und Atem- Techniken für Trompete", Edition Zimmermann, Frankfurt)


  1. Play with H attack (a breath attack, think hOOO). At the end play the note sustained and bend it down a semitone, and then back and feel that the note is centered.
  2. Play second time with K attack (thinking kHOOO, adding the K to the breath attack).
  3. Play third time with normal T attack (thinking tHOO).
    Start the same exercise again from G#, then from F#, then A, then F, etc. ascending and descending every other time.
Remove the mouthpiece completely from the lips between each note. Keep it very soft (pp), and do not ascend higher than comfortably. This exercise may seem very simple, but done very softly it is quite hard. But it does wonders for the attack and makes the player more confident and able to play a soft attack after an long pause (found in the classical repertoire).
Use a metronome (MM = 60) and breath in on the fourth beat.

A shorter version: Play all tree attacks (H, kH, tH, H) the first time.

O.J. 1997