Two Octave Chromatics with a "twist".

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Start playing this exercise from the C in bar 2.
Hold the C (for four 16th notes)
Then play the ascending notes up to Gb (first note in bar 3).
Hold the top note Gb (for four 16th notes)
Then play down the two octaves and repeat without fermata.

When going down try to "stay up" and when going up try to "stay down" (Stamp)
Imagine the exercise as playing a long C.
You are not playing "up and down" - just "flat out".

Keep a steady rhythm.
Accent the first note in each group slightly.
Slowly (MM=60) at first.
Play softly.
Try to start the C as relaxed as possible.

When the F# scale is mastered - start on the C# in the G-scale.
Then start on D in the Ab-scale, etc.

This exercise is based on ideas like:

Clyde Hunt: "initial focus"
Don "Jake" Jacoby: "higher setting"
James Stamp: hold the top note
Herbert L. Clarke: "long tone practice" with chromatics.

o.j. 2001