Pedals a'la Maggio

This exercise is based on a pattern used in "The Original Louis Magggio System for Brass". It can be used both to develop the pedal register and as a warmup or warmdown routine.
Start from G.

and play down to low G.


  1. Start soft and play crescendo. Play the low G with open fingering.
    Play-buzz-play: Remove the mouthpiece gentle when reaching that second half note and buzz it with the lips only. Then put the mouthpiece lightly back so the last note will resonate in the horn.
  2. Then start on F#, and play the low F# with 2 valve (not 1-2-3).
  3. Continue descending (starting with F, E, Eb, D etc.) to low G. Use normal fingering on all the pedals.
Try to improve or maximize this exercise. Play strongest on the last note. Try to make the difficult pedal notes (from pedal C to pedal G) as strong and fat as the other. Vaste all air. Try to make the buzz as close to the way you play on the mouthpiece as possible.
Use a metronome (MM = 60 or slower) or play very rhytmic.

Alternative version: Play on the moutpiece only, but use the play-buzz-play on the 3 last notes.