Valveless scale exercise

So-called valveless scales can be found in several methode-books. In "ASA-methode" by Rolf Quinque (Editions BIM, Suisse) he uses this technique as preparatory exercises for high register training. A similar study can be found in "The Art of Art Farmer", (Charles Colin, New York). In these two books the exercises start on c2. For a beginner this can be too high and strenous. By starting an octave lower, on c1, and developing that first, it will be easier to finally play from c2.
(Note: This routine is based on a James Stamp exercise.)

Phase 1: Play it legato and with normal fingering first. Then repeat several times with no valves. Slowly at first.
Phase 2: When the exercise (Phase 1) becomes easy to play, start the pattern from g1 (g1 - d2).
Phase 3: When you can play Phase 2, finally start from c2 (c2 - g2).

This exercise can of course be played with the lips only and on the mouthpiece.

Note: Do not practise this too long. If you feel stiff, use some pedal-exercises to relax the facial muscles. You could use an "opposite" pedal-exercise, where you play a scale from low C down to pedal C "valvless" (only with open fingering), or you could use this Warmdown excercise.

O.J. 1997