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Andre-Arban slur 

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The whole exercise (in PDF-format). The first pattern (from C to low F#)

Here is an exercise idea that Richard Waddell posted to TPIN (Sat, 12 Sep 2009) :

I got one particular idea from a question/answer session following a recital given by Maurice Andre. It was, I think, in 1971 when he was touring the USA, and he did a recital at UNT. It consisted of four concertos, one of which was the Arutunian; the progression of solos had him changing from Bb to ever-smaller horns, down to the piccolo.

Anyway, I have a vivid recolleciton that during the gab session after the recital, he spelled out a simple chord exercise, a I-V7-I pattern that goes this way beginning on low C, going up to G above the staff, then returning downward to a final low C.

I only do seven keys, from low C down to low F#.
I apply six rhythms to each key, and just now I only slur.

1. In the first pattern, play all notes as quarter notes,rest 8 beats after each key, and always rest only 8 beats between each rhythm pattern.

2. Second pattern is quarter note triplets, same resting sequence.

3. Third pattern is eighth notes, same resting.

4. Fourth pattern is eighth note triplets.

5. Fifth pattern is sixteenth notes, so that there are 1.5 beats of 16th notes played on the way up and 1.5 beats of 16th notes on the way down, always the same 8 beats of resting between each key.

6. Sixth pattern is 16th note triplets on the way up, and 16th note triplets and the way down (6 notes up/6 notes down).

I did notice this pattern in the first two of four measures of one of Arban's dim7 chord studies, and went "A-ha! That's where he got it." Who kows, but for my own record keeping I call it the Andre-Arban slur.

There are several ways to do this exercise. Richard says he uses it like this:

"I take each individual line through the seven lower keys (C-B-Bb-A-Ab-G-F#), one line (seven keys) at a time."