This exercise is meant as a warmdown. It will loosen up the lips and stimulate the blood circulation. Another benefit is that it will help to place the pedal C (a difficult pedal-tone) right in pitch. After several repeats you should feel a tingling sensation in the lips.


  1. Play first two bars with normal fingers as a prepatory, to hear the notes.
  2. Play first tree bars with open fingering. Repeat several times.
  3. Then finaly, try to play next bars, from pedal G, with open fingering. Repeat the whole exercise several times. Use lot of air.
Try to keep a uniform embouchure through the whole exercise.

Use very light contact between lips and mouthpiece. Let the lower lip make the contact and support. The upper lip should vibrate as freely as possible - almost like a feeling of not touching the mouthpiece.

When, or if you feel a tingling sensation in the lips, stop doing the exercise.

O.J. 1997