Warmup exercise

This warmup is based on 3 different routines. The pattern is from Vincent Cichowicz, the bending from James Stamp and the pedal fingering from Harold Branch.
Comments: Play legato. Bend the first note down with lips only (same open fingering on the B). When going from A down to pedal F use same fingering (1-2) on the pedal note. At first try to use a kind of glissando from A to F to maintain the same embouchure on the pedal note. Play the last note strong. Waist all air.
Also try to "lock" each note into the center of its "harmonic slot".

Continue the pattern up to f2, adding one note at a time:

Then start pattern from g1 (also now bending down a semitone to f-sharp). When reaching high C (c3), start pattern from c2.

Midi-file of the whole exercise in a ZIP'ed version, to download.
If you import this midi-file into the NoteWorthy Composer, you can print the exercise on paper.

O.J. 1996