Merri Franquin

Methode Complete de la Trompette Moderne

de Cornet a Pistons et de Bugle

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The structure of the book:
The book is divided into two main parts. First is a theoretical part (9 - 59), then a practical part divided into 3 subsections, section 1 (63 - 88), section 2 (97 - 112) and section 3 (114 - 331).

Attack exercises:
Of particular interest is the exercises Franquin call etude de l'emission. This is the exercises
André, Thibaud and Touvron talk about.

attack exercise
(part of exercise from page 85)

Guy Touvron gave the following advice on how to do these attack exercises:
            Let your metronome make 4 beats.
On the two first beats you can inhale (using the stomach).

On the 3rd beat the mouthpiece is placed on the lips.

On the 4th beat please imagine the note.

Then start playing without hesitation.

If you miss a note - just smile and relax. Do not change your embouchure going from one part of the register to another. Just change the speed of the air. He explained that the reason for counting before attacking the tone is to combat nervousness by focusing on the rhythm.

Here is another attack exercise (emission a plein son), where you also adjust the volume. Note that it ends on a pedal C.

attack exercise
(exercise from page 116)


Publisher: ENOCH & Cie. Editeurs, Paris
Number of pages: 335
Price: From 90 - 100 Euro (2004)