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I generally think, in my experience, that 20th century pieces are harder to perform than classical works because of the increased technical demands that are placed on the soloist. But I believe that the Haydn Trumpet Concerto is not easy to play compared to the Arutiunian and in some respects even harder. Having compared the two concerti, I found that there was surprisingly a lot in common.

They both:

The differences can be attributed to the fact that they were written over 150 years apart. The Haydn is much more rhythmically unadventurous as there are no changes of meter, tempi, etc…, but it does serve as a model Classical concerto.

I found that the Arutiunian had the following qualities:

Only a couple of these qualities existed in the Haydn.

Another new development in the Arutiunian is the blending of the

Cadenza with the general flow of the concerto by accompanying it instead of letting it be a solo bravura part. The whole tone melodic ideas and the intense rhythmic drive of the work also gives the concerto a Russian folk feel.

These are all traits from the Romantic period and having researched Russian Trumpet concerti (see appendix no.6) I can conclude that the Arutiunian is a Neo-Romantic Russian Trumpet concerto.

I might even suggest that if Haydn was alive today he may well have written a work very similar to the Arutiunian concerto.