The Haydn Trumpet Concerto in E flat major

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This is part of the Paul Handke manuscript.

Handke was a trumpeter from Vienna who moved to the United States and became first trumpet in the Philadelphia Orchestra (1901 - 1903).
He then played first trumpet in the Chicago Symphony Orchestra (1903 -1912).
He wrote the solo trumpet part (in 1899) from the authentic and original manuscript by J. Haydn.
The work was not brought to public attention at that time (Handke only kept it as his personal copy).

The original manuscript is kept at the "Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde" in Viennea.

Often in newer editions there are a lot of (strange?) dynamic- and phrase- markings. The intro (bar 8 + bar 13 - 16) is also often left out.

Here is the whole manuscript as PDF-file.